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FAQs for Nick War

Ever since diving into the world of tattooing back in 2018, I've been bombarded with questions! I've compiled as much info as I can remember onto this page to help out. If there's anything else on your mind, shoot me an email at I'm here to chat and share my experiences! This list will be updated as often as new common questions arise.

  1. What is Traditional Tattooing? Traditional tattooing, also known as American Traditional or Old School, is a classic tattoo style characterized by bold outlines, vivid colors, and iconic imagery like anchors, roses, and swallows. I specialize in this timeless style, blending tradition with my artistic vision.

  2. What services do I offer at Nick War Art? At Nick War Art, I offer a wide range of tattooing services, specializing in traditional tattoos that honor the rich history of tattoo artistry. Whether you're seeking a custom design or one of my original creations, you'll receive a top-notch tattooing experience. In addition to Traditional tattoos, black and gray is another style I very much enjoy doing.

  3. How can you book an appointment with me? Booking an appointment with me is simple! Visit my website and fill out the appointment request form with details about your desired tattoo and availability. If it's a project I feel I can take on you'll recieve a reply within 2 business days.

  4. Can you view examples of my work? Absolutely! Head to my gallery section to see a curated collection of my tattoo designs. From bold traditional pieces to intricate custom creations, you'll find inspiration for your next tattoo project. You can also visit my Instagram @nick.war.tats to follow my travels and most recent work.

  5. Do I offer tattoo consultations? Yes, I offer complimentary tattoo consultations to discuss your ideas, preferences, and design concepts. During your consultation, I'll work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life beautifully and meaningfully. Zoom meetings can also be requested if you are unable to meet in person!

  6. Where am I located? I'm proudly working at Ambassador Tattoo Company in Calgary, Alberta (108-7500 Macleod Trail S just south of Chinook Center) serving clients from the local community and beyond. If you're in the area and seeking a skilled tattoo artist specializing in traditional tattoos, look no further than Nick War Art. I travel quite a bit as well regularly to Prospector Tattoo in Golden, British Columbia and other cities scattered throughout BC from Prince George to Osoyoos.

  7. How much is a tattoo? I get asked this a lot. Typically I like to flat rate tattoos meaning I will give you one price depending on what you would like done. That can vary greatly from piece to piece depending on size and intricacy. The minimum cost of a tattoo from me is $160CAD. Feel free to reach out via email (, Instagram @nick.war.tats or by filling out my request form. If needed we will set up a consutation and we can discuss your idea further for me to give you a more accurate quote.

  8. What forms of payment do you take? I accept cash, etransfer, PayPal, credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Almost no form of payment will be refused.


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